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13549Re: [PPLetterpress] Re: Does the emulsion side of film matter?

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  • Ed Inman
    Aug 28, 2013
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      Can't say I've ever put film to my lips, but just about any Lith or Rapid Access film I've seen will be dark on the base side and lighter on the emulsion side under a standard ortho red safelight. I used lith film for years but recently changed to Rapid Access Hard Dot film. I like it because it exposes and develops faster and the chemistry is less expensive and more stable--no more having to mix & discard one-shot A&B solutions. --Ed

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      >Gerald, how can any element of the image indicate emulsion side? Service bureau can do output correctly for letterpress, right-reading emulsion-up, or more often from a industry standpoint, correctly for offset, right-reading emulsion-down, from the very same file images.
      >Scratch test is definitive for emulsion.
      >I haven't tried this with processed film, but in the darkroom a way to tell emulsion side of raw film was to close your lips over a corner of the sheet. The inner miuth would stick to the emulsion side.
      >--Eic Holub, SF
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