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13533Re: [PPLetterpress] Fat lines

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  • Scott Rubel
    Jul 10 6:11 AM
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      I really think that fat lines are more likely to have something to do with too little exposure or a film problem or contact problem. It seems like bad brushes would simply give you the problem of not washing out to the bottom quickly enough. For lines too thick I would check vacuum and be sure all your lights are going. I could be wrong, but that's what sounds like the hierarchy of your trouble to me.

      I recently had a mystery that cost me about $110 before I figured it out. My film supplier was giving me negatives that were not dense enough. This resulted in some exposure of the plate, making the entire washout take too long and ruin thin lines during the washout. It took me so many tried before I considered this because for years I had never had a bad negative from my source. They fixed it as soon as I pointed it out to them.


      On Jul 9, 2013, at 3:49 PM, Peter Bruce wrote:

      Picking up on Harold's question, what film are you using? Are you doing anything different? Could be bad film to plate contact.

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      Well, if you think the brushes are to blame, can you lower them on this machine so that they're not putting so much pressure on the plate? The bristles should be as low as possible without leaving residue on the plate backing. Any signs of wear or do they still look new? 

      Since density issues can affect anyone processing film, I'd still check that. I'd bet your service provider could check the density, and the dmax should be over 4.0.


      On Tue, Jul 9, 2013 at 2:18 PM, Ian Bristow <ductormanpaperboy@...> wrote:

      Hey Harold

      The lines are getting fatter, I find that it is almost like there is a stroke around some letters and some lines. It is hard 
      to capture a good image of the plates with the camera. But I am 99% certain it is the brushes causing the problem
      by not washing away the excess material. I will be getting some new brushes soon but just wanted to eliminate
      any other possible problems. I have never had any issues with the KF95 plates, the only thing I have changed
      over the last year is the back exposure for 25 seconds. Since I put in the new bulbs in if I back expose the plates they
      will not wash out properly so I avoid that step now. I have been using a good service provider for the film and the
      density is not an issue. I'll try and get some pics to send along.

      Oh and glad to hear that the chaps across the pond are embracing modern technology:) I'm sure they do not make 
      the bulbs over there either as I think that the company that makes these machines has been out of business for the
      last gazillion years.


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