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  • Ian
    Jul 9 10:13 AM
      Hello everyone

      I have been using the same plate maker for a while now and think it is time for new brushes. I am starting to get fatter lines and reverses are not washing out. I am concerned that there may also be an exposure issue.

      I know that the brushes are finished but I am wondering if this would also cause the fatter lines? I did try reducing exposure times but am finding no difference.

      The raw photopolymer is from Boxcar and are KF95 plates exposed at 3 minutes with a washout between 4-5 minutes.
      I replaced the bulbs about 4 months ago. I was unable to get the same bulbs as the machine is from Europe

      (Polimero A-5) so I put in black lights with the same wattage. These have been working fine but I am wondering if it is possible they may be also starting to cause problems.

      Sorry for the short book
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