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13524Re: Which are more legible serif or sans serif typefaces?

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  • Gerald Lange
    Jun 26, 2013
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      Thanks for the article. An interest of mine. I've read most of the studies.

      There has been a recent typeface designed for dyslexic readers though that ignores the distinction and concentrates on various attributes of letterforms (sometimes twisting them on their heads, turning them around, etc.) that has somewhat thrown all of this in the dumpster.

      In terms of legibility or readability, Emigre made the claim that what is most familiar is most legible or readable. Not a fan but likely, they were right. During the German invasion of Norway the Nazis actually had to go to the extreme of banning blackletter because the Norwegians were so unfamiliar with it they could not respond to posted dictates. Plus it would have been a major pain on the part of the foundries to retrofit blackletter faces with all the required character accents. So, Hitler etal declared Germany's greatest typographic triumph as Jewish in origin and were done with it in one fell swoop. Someone should inform the skinheads.


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      > Here is an interesting article in case anyone is interested:
      > http://alexpoole.info/blog/which-are-more-legible-serif-or-sans-serif-typefaces/
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