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13512How do I go about finding an electronic foundry to publish my fonts?

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  • Silber MaiKätzchen
    Jun 12, 2013
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      I have spent four years locating as many fonts of Intertype Medieval and Vogue
      as I could along with their sorts, redrawing the glyphs and digitizing them into
      new fonts.

      I now have fifteen fonts in text suitable versions, (for up to 14 point,) and twenty-
      one fonts in display suitable versions, (14 point and larger.) The new fonts reproduce
      identically to their hot metal counterparts, and have not been modernized or "adapted"
      to digital production.

      As to Vogue Magazines claim  to the copyright on the font, their legal department
      sent me a kind letter saying they have no interest since it was Intertype and ATF
      who designed the fonts. I have repeatedly sent requests for Heidelberg's permission
      to reproduce the faces both to the US and DE offices, but after three months I
      have gotten no reply from them expressing any interest to the fonts being reproduced
      or any claim to the copyright. (Lots of sales literature on their other products though.)

      I am wondering if there is a digital foundry that I could entice to handling the distri-
      bution of these faces; and how to find them.

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      Carpe diem!
      quam minimum credula postero!

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