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13504Two 5-day workshops at Oregon College of Art and Craft in Portland, OR

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  • barb tetenbaum
    Jun 3, 2013
      Dear Printmaking and Paper-fold/Pop-up Enthusiasts

      We need a couple more bodies in each of the following classes at Oregon College of Art and Craft in Portland, OR.
      If you are interested, please register TODAY!! Thanks, Barb
      Paper Engineering & Sculptural Books Instructor: Carol Barton


      Discover the magic of paper engineering. Explore the structural and mechanical possibilities of pop-ups as a dimension in their own cards, book editions and other book-building work. Learn to construct a series of both simple and complex forms. In addition, spend a day constructing a model of a carousel book (or “star book”). Whether you are an artist, teacher, designer, or anyone who loves to play with paper, this workshop will help you develop a range of sculptural approaches for bookbinding. You will be encouraged to invent and problem-solve as part of the design process. Prerequisite: Good hand skills required.
      Date: June 17 - 21 Monday-Friday 9:00am-4:00pm
      Tuition: 405 Studio Fee: 25
      Layered Color Woodcut Print Instructor: Jim Lee


      Examine the bold and direct capabilities of woodcut and other relief print surfaces. Move from your preliminary sketches to the carving of blocks, printing with multiple block and reduction color approaches. By printing multiple layers of transparent inks, images will develop with lush color relationships and luminous surfaces. Work with color separation/registration, carving with hand and power tools, built-up surfaces, color ink mixing, stencils and reduction printing techniques. During the workshop develop a key block, transfer the image to other blocks to carry various colors and then print small editions.
      Prerequisite: None. Note: Plan to arrive with several worked out compositions.
      Dates: June 24 - 28 Monday-Friday 9:00am-4:00pm
      Tuition: 425 Studio Fee: 40
      contact: cmalone@... 971-255-4205 www.ocac.edu/register