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13461Jumping image on Flatbed press?

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  • Mirka
    Apr 28, 2013
      Hi everyone, I have a problem with a flatbed press, Korrex, model Stuttgart. I've printed several editions with multiple colors up to 4 off of it since it arrived in my studio last summer. This was the first time, I had something happen that I couldn't figure out. I'll try to explain the best I can:

      I was printing the 3rd color for a print (the plate was polymer) with the plate fairly far down the press bed. Everything was lined up great, and I had printed about 10 for the real edition, when all of a sudden, the image would print 5mm higher and about 1mm over. I tried on several scrap sheets, and it kept doing it, so I repositioned the plate and started printing again. Another 10 or so prints later, the image starts printing about 3 mm lower consistently, so I reposition it again. From there on, it seemed to print pretty much at the same spot, with minor jumping around. Now, I know the plate did not move on the press, it was attached to a big base, with lines drawn around, so I know where it was originally. I also had no problem with printing or registration with the previous two colors, which were larger areas of linocuts in the middle of the image/paper. I did my best to hold the paper around the cylinder consistently, but that did not seem to be the problem either. The paper was also clamped under the gripper feet properly, so that was not it either.

      I am just baffled, what could have caused the whole press to seem to shift like that? Any thoughts? I am still fairly new to letterpress, but have been a fine art printer for about 15 years, so registration and working on presses is familiar to me. There are a lot more moving parts on the Korrex though, so I have a lot to learn on it. I am not printing commercial work, but "fine art" prints. My current series is pushing the limits on how large I can print on it, so I don't know if that has something to do with it? Thanks for any input. :)

      Mirka from Pica Doodle Press
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