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13453Re: Toyobo KM152 exposure

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  • hersomwally
    Apr 17, 2013
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      Wow! That's a great idea. I wouldn't have thought of that. I'll try that if I can't find a middle ground that will work.

      I still find it odd that even with an 18 exposure there isn't much shoulder on the crop marks. But then I guess I've never seen a "professionally" made plate from Toyobo, I've only seen the Jet ones that Boxcar makes.

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      > > Often I will have a solid with fine reverses and free standing fine type or lines on the same plate. So, I guess I need to find a middle ground exposure that will work for both.
      > I would give each different image type the specific exposure it needs by masking and making multiple exposures. It doesn't need pin registration, just place pieces of cardboard cut to size on top of the crene. If the only underexposed element in a given plate is the crop marks, try giving them a double exposure. Just watch out that when removing the masking material you are not leaving debris that will interfere with exposure.
      > --Eric Holub, SF
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