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13449Toyobo KM152 exposure

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  • hersomwally
    Apr 17, 2013
      Somewhat related to my last post- Eric and Gerold said that an exposure of 18 on the Stouffer scale seemed high for KM152.

      This is another question I have been wanting to ask. The "tips for printight" says it should be 15/16 for KM152 but when I tried that I got almost no shoulders at all and fine line (.5pt) crop marks were undercut. Even when I expose to 18, the fine lines have very little shoulders and the ends of the lines have a very slight undercut.

      Is this normal for the toyobo material?

      I tried processing some Jet 152sb material and actually had the opposite problem- the shoulders were too broad and I had to bring the exposure down.

      We do a lot of fine reverses so I don't want to overexpose but I also want to have structural integrity on fine lines and dots.

      Is there anything else that could cause lack of shoulders/undercutting fine lines?

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