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13447Re: [PPLetterpress] Uneven ink on plate

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  • Ed Inman
    Apr 17, 2013
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      My drying method like everything else is admittedly low tech. I typicaly lay a paper towel over the raised surface to remove excess water then gently blow warm air on the plate from a hair dryer before post exposure. That's probably not the best way, but I've never had any problem with it using hand-processed steel backed (145HSB) plates. This photo shows plates I made Monday this way for making round stickers for a local rock band:  http://www.flickr.com/photos/9645031@N07/8652743991/lightbox/   At left you will see the original bitmap created in Photoshop and printed on my laser printer at 200 percent (40 dpi halftone); the camera negative made on rapid access film shot at 50 percent (raising the dpi to 80); the actual plates after exposure and processing; and the finished stickers after being die cut to 3 inches round.  I find this method satisfactory for general work. However, I don't actually make wedding invitation plates this way. For high-end work I generally have the chosen graphic artist order professionally made plates from a supplier of their choice (especially when troublesome thin hairlines common to calligraphy and script type is involved).  --Ed
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