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13443Re: Uneven ink on plate

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  • Eric
    Apr 17, 2013
      Gerald has a good point here. 18 is a very high point on the Stouffer scale, when 14-15 are the specifications for Toyobo K-series plates (at least in my old spec sheets). Sure it is a Stouffer scale and not a different type?
      Then consider the image itself. What is shown is essentiually a reverse, which should be given a shorter exposure than whatever the "normal" exposure is to avoid filling.
      To remove any surface moisture or debris, I don't use a sponge but rather wipe with a laundered cotton rag. bunched up as an etcher would do when wiping a plate with cheesecloth. Sometimes I do use compressed air but you may blow slick photopolymer onto the surface, and possibly blow over underexposed elements such as barrel-bodied lines and dots. A very careful wipe takes care of the surface, and the time spent in the dryer will shrink some of the non-image areas that were almost at printing height when still wet.
      --Eric Holub, SF
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