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13434Uneven ink on plate

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  • hersomwally
    Apr 16, 2013
      Hi All-

      I've finally started making some plates with my Polimero A4 and I've run into a weird problem.

      I made a plate with a relatively large surface area and the ink seems to deposit on the surface unevenly. When looking at the inked plate there are patches where the ink looks darker, and when printing, those areas seem to print slightly lighter. When cleaning the plate (with camp fluid) there are cloudy parts that are stubborn and don't want to come clean.

      It's very difficult to describe so I have posted photos in the "photos" section. One photo shows the plate with ink on it and one shows the plate after cleaning showing the residue left behind.

      I'm using Toyobo KM152 and I exposed it to about a solid 18 on the stouffer scale.

      Any ideas what would cause this?

      Thanks! - Wally
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