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  • Robert E Blesse
    Mar 22, 2013
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      Hey Peter,

      That sounds like a great opportunity for a young printer, good for you! I'll keep my eyes peeled for candidates.


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      Date: Fri, 22 Mar 2013 11:19:07 -0500
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      Subject: Re: [PPLetterpress] Re: Williams Stationery Equipment Clearance Sale!

      Hey Lance

      Geez, I'd love to pick up a nice clean V50, but as I'm going to be moving my own shop, it's probably not the best time! ;-)

      In fact, I'm facing a forced relocation, as the building is slated for renovation...

      Not quite sure where we'll end up, hopefully still in the up 'n coming Millwork (Warehouse) District...

      I'm also looking for some younger printers interested in buying into my shop, eventually owning the business. I'd finance, train and support the right person/people over two or three years.
      They'd have to be ready to move to our fair city on the upper Mississippi (lots of eagles, red tail hawks, etc!) for a while ;-)

      Please pass this along!
      More details to come (see my Master Classes page at http://slowprint.com/ regarding the charms of Dubuque!)

      Best wishes

      Dubuque, Iowa

      NB: Other than Zen of Letterpress orders, SlowPrint will have to stop accepting most orders April 1st, pending our relocation in May/June. However, we will continue to produce our Zen & TFL cards, which will be printed to our quality control specs. We'll be holding Master Classes the first week of May.

      Peter Fraterdeus
      Director of Design
      Landen Consulting : landenconsulting.com<http://landenconsulting.com>

      Slowprint.com<http://Slowprint.com> : Commercial High-touch Letterpress

      IdeasWords : Idea Swords
      Semiotx.com<http://Semiotx.com> @ideaswords

      On 22 Mar 2013, at 10:44 AM, Lance Williams wrote:

      Busy morning for line casting equipment. I guess my prices were way too low, but I am happy they are going to a good home:

      Hot Metal Line Casting Equipment:
      (1) Intertype Star Base Model C $750 SOLD!!
      (1) Intertype Pedestal Base Model C-4 $500 SOLD!!
      (1) Ludlow Model L $400 SOLD!!
      (1) Ludlow Model L $200 SOLD!!

      One other note that I forgot to mention: I will require a 20% deposit on all equipment to hold until you can actually take possession of the equipment starting in July. This will insure the equipment will be yours and make me feel confident you are going to come through with the final purchase as soon as possible....

      - Lance Williams
      Williams Stationery Company
      Camden, New York
      APA #785

      On 3/22/2013 10:41 AM, Lance Williams wrote:

      Commercial Letterpress Equipment Clearance Sale

      After 80 years in operation, we have decided it is time to close our doors as commercial letterpress business. I will be retaining a few pieces of equipment to maintain a smaller “hobby” based business out of our home, but the vast majority of our equipment and our buildings will be up for sale at the end of this fiscal year (June 30th).

      Everything is being offered to my fellow Amalgamated Printers Association members first, but will be opened to any interested party via posting in other message lists and on Briar Press within a week....

      All equipment will be available after June 30, 2013.
      All equipment must be removed by August 31, 2013.

      Unlike many others planning to close their doors, I am giving everyone plenty of advance notice to be able to find homes for as much of our equipment as possible. Everything that is not sold by August 31, 2013 will be sold at auction.

      Located at:
      Williams Stationery Co, Inc.
      67 Railroad Street
      Camden, New York
      (35 miles NE of Syracuse, NY)

      In our facility with a standard height loading dock for transferring to your truck for transport. In the near future, I will be posting a website with pictures for these items along with serial numbers were appropriate and available....

      Asking Prices Listed, no reasonable offer refused! Cash Only, Removal & Transportation costs are the responsibility of the purchaser. First with the cash get them!

      Operational “In Weekly or Recent Use” Presses:

      (4) Miehle Vertical V-50 $600 each
      14”x20” max sheet size. Pre-WWII models with rear cross shaft. All in excellent running condition. One press has an inoperative ink fountain (break in casting). Some with good rubber rollers, some with older rollers that need to be recast. Extra roller cores available. Includes 2 chases for each press, additional available. Three are three phase, One is single phase electric.

      (4) B. Verner Multipress, Model FM $400 each
      9”x12” max sheet size, fountain and inking rollers only installed on the lead half of the sheet. Some good rubber rollers, and other rollers need to be recast, good cores. One chase for each press, some additional chases possibly. Three phase electric.

      (1) B. Verner Multipress, Model FR $450
      9”x12” max sheet size, full inking system with front and rear fountains installed. One chase, possibly more. Three phase electric.

      (1) 10x15 Chandler & Price Craftsman with Rice Feeder $750
      Fully functional feeder and good rubber rollers. Includes ink fountain, variable speed drive controller and 3 phase motor. This press has been modified for running small envelopes 2-up, but can easily be returned to normal single sheet operation.

      (1) 8x12 Chandler & Price New Series $$ Make Offer $$
      Needs new rollers, cores available. Includes aftermarket vibrator/distribution roller and platen guard. Includes Pony Fountain, 2 chases, additional possibly available. Single phase, variable speed motor.

      Presses in Storage, Operational When Stored:

      (1) Miehle Vertical V-50 $600
      14”x20” max sheet size. Post WWII Model with the 2-sized form roller modification (2” and 1-3/4” diameters) and the cross bar across the front of the cylinder. Includes 2 chases, additional available. Needs motor repair (rewinding/rebuilding) [3-phase].

      (1) B. Verner Multipress, Model FM (Possibly FR) $400
      9”x12” max sheet size, unknown roller condition or core availability. One chase, possibly more. Three phase electric.

      (2) Little Giant Model 4 (?) $500
      11”x17” max sheet size, needs new rollers, cores available. Presses modified for specialty work printing napkins or lunch sacks, restoration for regular operation needed. Available chases unknown. Single phase, I think.

      (1) 10x15 Chandler & Price Craftsman with Rice Feeder $500
      Some feeder parts may be missing, but can be converted to hand-fed operation. Includes 1 chase. Three phase, if there is a motor attached.

      (1) 10x15 Chandler & Price Craftsman with Rice Feeder $300
      No Inking System, die cutting press only. Includes 1 chase. Three phase if there is a motor attached.

      Hot Metal Line Casting Equipment:

      (1) Intertype Star Base Model C $750 SOLD!!
      Originally delivered with a single side magazine, but retrofitted to just a 3-magazine machine. Includes a Monomelt for remelting slugs on the machine, no need for Margach feeder & pigs. Set up for alternate casting. Includes 3 magazines, no matrices.

      (1) Intertype Pedestal Base Model C-4 $500 SOLD!!
      Originally delivered as a 6-mold machine, but retrofitted to a 4-mold machine (alternate casting). Includes Monomelt, but needs new heaters. Original 6-mold disk is available. Also needs some adjustment and setup work, as it has not been used in 10+ years. Includes 4 magazines, no matrices

      (1) Ludlow Model L $400 SOLD!!
      Set up with a 20 pica mold, fully operational, but not used in 10+ years. No matrices included.

      (1) Ludlow Model L $200 SOLD!!
      Unknown mold configuration or operational status. Saved from the scrappers 2 years ago, looking for a good home. My cost in the recovery is more than the asking price. Was fully operational at the company I removed it from, but last used 15+ years ago according to owner. No matrices included.

      Other Equipment:

      (1) Seybold Dynaclamp 36” Hydraulic Clamp Cutter $1,500
      Includes extended side tables and additional knives. Three phase.

      (1) Hammond Glider Type Saw, Model G-4 (?) $400
      Includes a good carbide tipped blade. Three phase.

      (1) Dexter 14”x20” Folder with Right Angle Unit $500
      Right angle unit currently removed, but can be easily replaced. Single phase.

      (1) Bostitch Table Top Wire Stitcher $200
      This is a corner or edge stitcher, not a saddle stitcher. Can not be converted to a saddle stitcher, either. Includes a sit-down table/work area.

      (1) 24”x24” Cast Iron Imposing Stone Table & Galley Rack $150
      Cast Iron Imposing Stone mounted on a work-height legwork constructed from 2" angle iron with a side work area that includes 8 shelves made of 24"x8" galleys, 2 wide, and gently slanted top area to place galleys of type.

      (7) 18”x18” Cast Iron Imposing Stone Table & Galley Rack $100 each
      Cast Iron Imposing Stone mounted on a work-height legwork constructed from 2" angle iron with a side work area that includes 8 shelves made of 24"x8" galleys and gently slanted top area to place galleys of type.

      There are many assorted small items that will be listed on eBay in the near future, as I have time to photograph and list these items. I will let everyone know when I start the listing of these smalls. My eBay ID is “LetterpressPrinter” (yeah, I got that one really early in eBay's history!)

      A few other pieces of equipment may become available in the near future, so stay tuned!

      All Intertype, Linotype and Ludlow mats will remain in my hobby shop, and we have no significant foundry type in our shop, so no need to ask about foundry type and there is NO WOOD TYPE at all....

      If you are interested in anything, please feel free to email me at the address above or below...

      - Lance Williams, President
      Williams Stationery Company
      67 Railroad Street, PO Box 266
      Camden, New York 13316
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