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  • Austin Jones
    Feb 1, 2013
      I do not live in the San Francisco area so I can afford to be a Smart Ass and suggest that it may be due to the fact that there is a shortage of 21st century monks in the local area.
      Or perhaps there is an abundance of Smart Asses in the local area who would rather do most anything other than something productive.
      Or perhaps the 21st century monks don’t realize they need such a place. Did you tell them?
      Where are the 21st century monks getting such work done now? Can you find them?
      In all seriousness – I don’t have a clue. I live on the right side of the map. I know that it would be difficult to get such an operation going in this area. I would ask myself – Is there a need? What is wanted? Can I fulfill the need? Do I want what is wanted?
      I know that you are very serious and I am making fun. I am just trying to say that I admire your efforts and I don’t know the area, market, nor the audience. The objective has to be provide a service that is wanted to those who want it. The first thing is to determine what is wanted. I certainly wish you luck. It sounds like an ideal program if you can find the monks who are willing.

      Austin Jones
      Sent: Friday, February 01, 2013 3:35 PM
      Subject: [PPLetterpress] Community Print Center Questions...

      OK. Give me some on-list feedback.

      I'm trying to start this reasonably priced "Community Print Center" in Burlingame, California (about 15 miles south of San Francisco) for those who don't have a working letterpress shop/studio of their own, or for those who have their own shop/studios but from time to time might need larger equipment to complete special projects.

      I think $50per month is an extremely reasonable amount for a brand new, fully outfitted shop with several platen presses, a Vandercook proof press, lots of type, instructional programs, guest letterpress artists, art exhibit space, 24 hour 7 day a week access, neighboring studios and an art community for collaboration and inspiration, etc.
      I'm modeling it after "Em Space" in Portland, Oregon which has been wildly successful.

      But so far I haven't had enough people sign up to make it a reality.

      So what am I missing? What would make it a place you would want to go to for your letterpress wants and needs?

      Let's have a little online dialog...

      Let the suggestions and fantasies roll...

      I want to create something that letterpress enthusiasts will be so excited about we'll have people lining up for it...

      Thanks in advance for your creative thoughts.


      Steve Robison
      -- this message was sent by monks from the 14th century who calligraphically scribed each letter prior to the invention of moveable type
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