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  • Scott Rubel
    Feb 1 1:54 PM
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      I tried to GIVE away free time in the San Gabriel Valley in a small letterpress shop. No takers for years.

      Maybe people don't believe a good deal because it's a good deal.

      They must be out there, so your only trouble is probably publicity.


      On Feb 1, 2013, at 12:35 PM, Steve Robison wrote:

      OK. Give me some on-list feedback.

      I'm trying to start this reasonably priced "Community Print Center" in Burlingame, California (about 15 miles south of San Francisco) for those who don't have a working letterpress shop/studio of their own, or for those who have their own shop/studios but from time to time might need larger equipment to complete special projects.

      I think $50per month is an extremely reasonable amount for a brand new, fully outfitted shop with several platen presses, a Vandercook proof press, lots of type, instructional programs, guest letterpress artists, art exhibit space, 24 hour 7 day a week access, neighboring studios and an art community for collaboration and inspiration, etc.

      I'm modeling it after "Em Space" in Portland, Oregon which has been wildly successful.

      But so far I haven't had enough people sign up to make it a reality.

      So what am I missing? What would make it a place you would want to go to for your letterpress wants and needs? 

      Let's have a little online dialog...

      Let the suggestions and fantasies roll...

      I want to create something that letterpress enthusiasts will be so excited about we'll have people lining up for it...

      Thanks in advance for your creative thoughts.


      Steve Robison

      -- this message was sent by monks from the 14th century who calligraphically scribed each letter prior to the invention of moveable type

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