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13381Re: [PPLetterpress] exposure time/worn out bulbs?

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  • Gerald Lange
    Jan 27, 2013
      Hi Scott

      The problem with ballasts is that if they start going on you, you likely
      need to replace the whole lot of them at once, as they too, like the
      bulbs, have an age limit.

      I was having a problem a long while back with my Orbital VIII. They were
      going like popcorn and worse, no longer made. A&V was pulling them from
      trade-ins and selling them for $$35-50 a pop, used, as is. I finally got
      tired of that and bit the bullet and rewired the whole board with the
      Work Horse 5s. Not exactly something I ever want to do again though.
      Amazingly, when I put the board back in, everything lit up like it was
      supposed to.


      On 1/27/13 4:55 PM, Scott Rubel wrote:
      > I hope it's not ballasts. It took me a couple of hours to properly
      > replace two of them a few years ago. The machine is simple (if it's
      > like mine), but you still have to be careful and slow as you take it
      > apart, or you could disconnect wires inadvertently. The more nimble
      > your fingers, the better.
      > <http://www.lightbulbdepot.com/category.asp?cat=Fluorescent&gclid=CJPM-fDqibUCFSaRPAod_jIA3w
      > > has your bulb, but there are others if you google.
      > --Scott
      > On Jan 27, 2013, at 4:44 PM, Gerald Lange wrote:
      >> Wally
      >> Do a Google search with the terms bulbs and TL44d25/09n. There are a
      >> number of suppliers.
      >> If your bulbs have a grayish-brown look to both ends, they are
      >> likely on
      >> the wane. But that would indicate that the electrics, especially the
      >> ballasts are okay. If very dark on one end, not so good.
      >> Did you check to make sure all the bulbs come on at once? or if
      >> there is
      >> some staggering problem? You might want to redo the ballasts as well.
      >> The Rocket 5 is an incredible ballast (and fairly low priced) though
      >> you
      >> might be in for a major rewiring job.
      >> A long time ago, very early on, I think Harold Kyle mentioned that
      >> Boxcar was supplying parts for Polimeros. Not sure if that is any
      >> longer
      >> the case.
      >> Gerald
      >> On 1/27/13 4:20 PM, hersomwally wrote:
      >>> I've finally gotten around to trying our Polimero A4 machine and
      >>> I've got my first (of many i'm sure) question.
      >>> I'm using 152sb plates and the info from boxcar says to expose for
      >>> 2:30-4:00 minutes for a 17-18 on the 21 step scale.
      >>> 4 minutes only got me to 13 on the scale, so I cranked it up to 7
      >>> minutes and it still only got it up to 16 on the scale.
      >>> Is this normal for my machine or does this mean my bulbs are worn
      >>> out?
      >>> The bulbs in the machine are tl44d25/09n which is a t8 20watt 18
      >>> inch. I can't seem to locate any replacements in the US. any idea
      >>> where to look? (I can't find it on atlanta light bulbs' site).
      >>> Thanks,
      >>> Wally
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