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13377exposure time/worn out bulbs?

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  • hersomwally
    Jan 27, 2013
      I've finally gotten around to trying our Polimero A4 machine and I've got my first (of many i'm sure) question.

      I'm using 152sb plates and the info from boxcar says to expose for 2:30-4:00 minutes for a 17-18 on the 21 step scale.

      4 minutes only got me to 13 on the scale, so I cranked it up to 7 minutes and it still only got it up to 16 on the scale.

      Is this normal for my machine or does this mean my bulbs are worn out?

      The bulbs in the machine are tl44d25/09n which is a t8 20watt 18 inch. I can't seem to locate any replacements in the US. any idea where to look? (I can't find it on atlanta light bulbs' site).


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