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13344Re: Hebrew typesetting

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  • Yehuda Miklaf
    Dec 18, 2012

      The David Hebrew that I have was cast from the mats at the Jerusalem Type Foundry. I rescued the mats when the foundry gave its last gasp and everything is now at the National Library. I borrowed the two sets of David mats and had some type cast at Wagner Ingolstadt when it still operated.


      I think there are some mats at the Print Museum in Leipzig. I saw some Hebrew type there and assumed that they cast it.


      I also have inherited the set of David that Ismar David had cast from the Intertype mats for his part in the Liber Librorum. He gave it to Erich and Lili Wronker of Ron Press and Lili gave it to me.




      Yehuda Miklaf




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