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13333Re: Hebrew typesetting

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  • Norman McKnight
    Dec 16, 2012

      M:onroe Postman of P’Nye Press had Hebrew mats, & Chris Chen cast from them for Monroe’s use; after

      Monroe’s passing they were given to Mark Knudsen to take to the ATF Conference in Portland for sale,

      but there were apparently no takers, as there are not so many who are willing or able to cast their own

      types let alone Hebrew. These matrices may still be available & if you write off the List I will supply the

      contact email. I don’t know what the face was, perhaps 12 point David from the Jerusalem Typefoundry,

      although Monotype. I gave Monroe a printer’s manual in Hebrew which had a lot of information which

      was unavailable to either of us (Monroe’s Hebrew was limited to chanting, & mine is none existent). It

      probably had specimen showings, but I don’t recall.


      Norman McKnight

      Philoxenia Press, Berkeley



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