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13307AW: Re: [PPLetterpress] Re: Balancing impression and inking Paper Ordering

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  • Silber MaiKätzchen
    Nov 30, 2012
      Unless the sheet requested by the customer is so
      unique to the job that I might not be able to sell it
      to another customer, and I am not certain that the
      customer will not use it again; I order the next full
      carton quantity. If there is less than a 20% difference
      between a full carton and the quantity for the job,
      I order an extra carton.

      Sometimes this policy results in a way overage of
      a never to be used stock again. Anyone in the market
      for 700 sheets of pink, 950 sheets of yellow and 875
      sheets of 28x44" 12 point Crystalon Cover ordered for
      a lost greeting card client? The owner died and her
      daughter closed the company. She wanted me to
      buy back the stock of cards I had printed for her
      mom -- AT RETAIL!!! Some people!

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      quam minimum credula postero!

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      And for those of us with less experience, the concomitant advice is to order way more paper than you think you'll need.


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