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13303Balancing impression and inking

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  • Gerald Lange
    Nov 29, 2012
      I don't often start a technical message on email but I am seeing a certain problem a lot and thought it might be best to address it and see what other folks think. This is for 21st century letterpress entries, I guess.

      When starting your presswork use as little ink as possible and as little packing as possible. Slowly work up to find the correct balance for each. They are related. You want crisp, solidly covered imaging with no overflow of ink beyond the original. You adjust the impression and inking to match this.

      If your concern is deep impression, approach it slowly. If you go too far ahead and your inking can't match it you will suffer throughout the print run. If your client wants deep impression and does not care about the inking or distortion of letterform or image, well, that is your situation, and, well, good luck with that.

      I've seen folks damage a photopolymer plate right off the bat simply through starting with the packing too extreme. Slow down. "Low and slow" does it, as they say in some parts of LA.

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