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13298Re: Cleaning the washout unit

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  • Gerald Lange
    Nov 28, 2012

      I'll be up all night here on a project so no problem. I suspect the horsehair brushes do out last the synthetics (by a long shot from what I hear). Though they are likely far more expensive. My original brush lasted 12 years before total collapse (sort of a one-horse shay type of incident). I replaced the second brush after four years, not because it needed it but I undertook a complete reconditioning of my platemaker this past winter over the holidays and thought a back up brush wouldn't be a bad idea. So I installed new brushes and boxed up the other, just in case. I love my "new machine." Right on the money, every day.


      > I suspect the difference between manufacturers recommending either keeping the bath full of water with the brush submerged or draining the bath and letting the brush dry out actually depends upon the type of brush used in the machine(?) The US made A&V machines I've seen use horsehair brushes, not synthetic material. They have to dry out or the brushes are subject to rot or attack from fungi/mildew.
      > Gerald
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