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13279Re: SPAM attack yesterday!!!!

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  • Yvon
    Nov 10, 2012
      Buy a MAC and be rid of your problems for good

      --- In PPLetterpress@yahoogroups.com, Lance Williams <lwwill7999@...> wrote:
      > (Posted this to LETPRESS yesterday from my smartphone, but I did not
      > have these other addresses there, and forgot last night from my laptop
      > (not the one that caused the spam issue!).
      > Apologies to all my friends who got smothered with spam from my email
      > account today.
      > I am assuming the issue arose from my use of an old laptop a couple days
      > ago. I did not realize the security software had expired leaving me
      > open to attack until I had been working for an hour or so....
      > Apparently, the Spammer got the password to my Earthlink account,
      > accessed my webmail and went to town.
      > I have since changed my password and deleted the entire online address
      > book Earthlink had created. (currently unused)
      > Hopefully the issue is taken care of...
      > - Lance Williams
      > Williams Stationery Co.
      > Camden, New York
      > APA #785
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