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13278SPAM attack yesterday!!!!

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  • Lance Williams
    Nov 9 3:49 AM
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      (Posted this to LETPRESS yesterday from my smartphone, but I did not have these other addresses there, and forgot last night from my laptop (not the one that caused the spam issue!).

      Apologies to all my friends who got smothered with spam from my email account today.

      I am assuming the issue arose from my use of an old laptop a couple days ago.  I did not realize the security software had expired leaving me open to attack until I had been working for an hour or so....

      Apparently, the Spammer got the password to my Earthlink account, accessed my webmail and went to town.

      I have since changed my password and deleted the entire online address book Earthlink had created. (currently unused)

      Hopefully the issue is taken care of...

      - Lance Williams
      Williams Stationery Co.
      Camden, New York
      APA #785
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