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13245Re: [PPLetterpress] Re: Book Sale list (on dumpsterizing books)

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  • Gerald Lange
    Sep 4, 2012
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      That's kind of a difficult question. Likely one you actually do not want
      to know the answer to. If you can hype or market your art or work as if
      it were some kind of widget or incredible collectible, well, you might
      be able to do that (though you might not like the taste in your mouth).

      Probably not though, and probably good for you in the long run. Just do
      it, like Walter Hamady said, because "you have to."

      W. A. Dwiggins probably did his greatest and most incredible work with
      his marionettes. Did he make any money doing that? Is he remembered for
      that? One book, The Dwiggins Marionettes, published belatedly, details
      this, and for years it sat unsold by the publisher. I dearly admire WAD,
      for his early illustration work (which he remorsefully abandoned) and
      his typeface design directive, but most humanly for his great passion as
      shown in that book. I was absolutely astounded when I found it,
      remaindered by the publisher after so many years.


      On 9/4/12 10:01 PM, joe@... wrote:
      > Gerald,
      >> If you don't make something that anyone else wants, well, that is
      >> your thing.
      > Its not just about making things that no one wants; I've always done
      > that. The question is the size of the market and the price point that
      > people are willing to pay.
      > Best
      > Joe
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