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13243Re: Book Sale list (on dumpsterizing books)

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  • Gerald Lange
    Sep 4, 2012

      In the 37 years I've been involved in the letterpress printing of books this has been a continuous refrain from book dealers. Fine press books are no longer salable, etc. Ever been to CODEX?

      I do believe though that the market has significantly changed but I suspect that is not necessarily a bad thing. And there is ample opportunity on the internet to market your wares. You just have to get it out there.

      If you don't make something that anyone else wants, well, that is your thing. Not necessarily a bad thing, unless of course, you really are hoping to make a living at it. No free lunch.

      Well, there is always Kickstarter and the like. Didn't Meg Whitman use Fundly to help fund her California gubernatorial campaign? something like $23 million. You can do it too!

      She lost by the way.


      --- In PPLetterpress@yahoogroups.com, "joe@..." <joe@...> wrote:
      > > Sometimes you are better off just throwing the stuff in the
      > > dumpster. You'd save money.
      > >
      > This hurts especially since I've been thinking about doing this for
      > some books that I have lots of multiple copies of (Linotype Specimen
      > books from the 1990s, some books that I've published like Directory of
      > Type Designers, etc.). I worry that the dealer framework isn't working
      > for book dealers or users. Without a pricing framework there is just a
      > rush to the bottom with books selling for a penny on Amazon. While
      > this should be good for readers I think its decimated the field and
      > removed any incentive for bothering to sell books. This actually
      > lessens the marketplace. Why bother to sell books when its more
      > profitable to throw them away?
      > Its a strange time for books. I'm trying to design a new Hansel &
      > Gretel book with lasercut shadow cutouts. Its meant to be read or
      > projected as a shadow theatre. I've had it in the works for over a
      > year and can't figure out the appropriate format. There are 5 very
      > detailed laser cuts which take 21 minutes per book to cut. If I add
      > letterpress type, a slipcase, and a Maglite flashlight I'll be looking
      > at a cost of around $60 a piece to produce it. This turns into a very
      > expensive book at retail. I'm more inclined to make just the lasercuts
      > without the slipcase and letterpress to reduce the cost. I don't want
      > to produce some big magnum opus. At this point I'd just like to make
      > some little things that will live quietly on a shelf and not get
      > dumpsterized.
      > Best
      > Joe
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