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13242Re: [PPLetterpress] Book Sale list (on dumpsterizing books)

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  • Scott Rubel
    Sep 4, 2012
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      "Race to the bottom" is right. I was excited about ebay when it first came out. It seemed like the perfect way to get every object into the right hands.

      I was right, but what I couldn't see then was that, in making this so easy, it (not just ebay, but the internet in general) is causing almost everything to reach its bottom value. This is probably most distinguished in the book category. Perhaps this is because everyone perceived a book as a vehicle of knowledge, which they think can all be had online now.

      Sad, but I am hardly motivated to try and sell a book anymore. It's got to be pretty remarkable and rare to be worth considering the 15 minutes it will take to pack and ship it.

      So, us book lovers should welcome the eventual pole shift or solar flares or whatever it is that's going to knock out the internet for a while. We may lose our vehicle for selling, but at least the values may eventually start going up again.


      On Sep 4, 2012, at 8:42 AM, joe@... wrote:

      >> Sometimes you are better off just throwing the stuff in the
      >> dumpster. You'd save money.
      > This hurts especially since I've been thinking about doing this for
      > some books that I have lots of multiple copies of (Linotype Specimen
      > books from the 1990s, some books that I've published like Directory of
      > Type Designers, etc.). I worry that the dealer framework isn't working
      > for book dealers or users. Without a pricing framework there is just a
      > rush to the bottom with books selling for a penny on Amazon. While
      > this should be good for readers I think its decimated the field and
      > removed any incentive for bothering to sell books. This actually
      > lessens the marketplace. Why bother to sell books when its more
      > profitable to throw them away?
      > Its a strange time for books. I'm trying to design a new Hansel &
      > Gretel book with lasercut shadow cutouts. Its meant to be read or
      > projected as a shadow theatre. I've had it in the works for over a
      > year and can't figure out the appropriate format. There are 5 very
      > detailed laser cuts which take 21 minutes per book to cut. If I add
      > letterpress type, a slipcase, and a Maglite flashlight I'll be looking
      > at a cost of around $60 a piece to produce it. This turns into a very
      > expensive book at retail. I'm more inclined to make just the lasercuts
      > without the slipcase and letterpress to reduce the cost. I don't want
      > to produce some big magnum opus. At this point I'd just like to make
      > some little things that will live quietly on a shelf and not get
      > dumpsterized.
      > Best
      > Joe
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