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13236Re: [PPLetterpress] A&V orbital 8 A-4 for sale

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  • Chad Pastotnik
    Sep 1, 2012
      My apologies Gerald, I'd forgotten the rules for this list but won't repeat.
      Chad Pastotnik
      Deep Wood Press        231.587.0506
      website: http://www.deepwoodpress.com

      On Sep 1, 2012, at 1:54 AM, PPLetterpress-owner@yahoogroups.com wrote:

      Hi Chad and others

      Sorry to have to say but you can only post mention of items for sale if you are the seller. Saying "I have no other information or contact with the seller" might seemingly get you off the hook but it doesn't get Yahoo! off the hook if the seller comes after them for harassment/privacy issues. Yahoo! will dump us in the wink of an eye for infractions. See their guidelines at the bottom of the group site page or the PPL guidelines in the Files section for further information.


      --- In PPLetterpress@yahoogroups.com, Chad Pastotnik <chad@...> wrote:

      Just came across a listing from a used equipment seller here in the midwest:

      TPX METRO EXPRESS Thanks for receiving the TPX Metro Express that local printers and trade shops may receive, in which we list SOME OF the equipment that printers in your region want to sell now and which advertises the TPX services offerred atwww.tpxonline.com.  
          Please visit www.tpxonline.com or call TPX at 1-800-955-1879 to:
            1.. search the entire TPX Marketplace and our on-line auctions. Contact sellers with the best deals
            2.. advertise your equipment for as little as $50 "until-it-sells" and also start auctions
            3.. finds the best prices on rollers, parts, supplies and equipment listed in the TPX Shopping System
            4.. outsource printing and other jobs using the TPX Buyers Guide
            5.. find employees by placing help-wanted ads in the TPX Jobs Marketplace

      and the specific listing:

          A & V ORBITAL 8   $2,000 OBO,9 X 12.5",CLEAN, LOW USE KAREN HEIBERGER otagman@...

      I have no other information or contact with the seller just thought others here may be interested.

      Chad Pastotnik
      Deep Wood Press        231.587.0506
      website: http://www.deepwoodpress.com
      blog: http://deepwoodpress.wordpress.com/

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