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  • joe@sarabande.com
    Sep 1, 2012
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      I still print occasionally but most of my time is spent making toys
      and paper pop-ups. Its time to start selling off my typographic
      library. Most dealers don't want to buy books anymore--as in 'we pay
      zero for any book less than $100'--so I thought I'd put them up on
      ebay. My starting price is around 30-40% of comparable dealer pricing.
      Books like 'Practical Typecasting'for $45, copies of Matrix from 1 to
      16 from $110 up, some Fleurons and Goudy and DB Updike, a Grabhorn or
      two. Many are not in immaculate condition but are good research tools
      for letterpress printers and designer. If the sale goes well I'll put
      up type specimens (ATF from 1900; BB&S, etc.)

      Sorry for posting a commercial thing but I did get the ok from the
      moderator first.

      Link is:




      ps I would like to think that this might be a good way for people to
      get useful books.
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