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13176Inkjet negatives

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  • Rod
    Aug 15 2:55 PM
      A few days ago my Trodat salesman got me some
      samples of their Negative Film for Inkjet Printers.
      This stuff is as dense as the negatives produced on
      my process camera. It costs $77.23 for 100 sheets
      plus shipping.

      The fly in the ointment is a continuous ink system
      on an inkjet is necessary to keep the cost bearable.
      We have an Epson Artisan 50 set on best photo to
      get these great results.

      We use liquid Ideal i40 and i95 photopolymer.
      Our applications are printing on wooden tokens
      with a 10 x 15 C&P platen press and as patterns
      for casting operaions.

      I may post a video of the process using these
      negative on YouTube if there is enough interest.

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