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  • Peter Bruce
    Jul 10, 2012
      Yes that price comparison looks right. Obviously that's the cost to make these. I posted a link on the suppliers list for the plate making for Lyme Bay - you could do the same.

      Good luck with this anyway!


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      Hi PJay,
      Yes, we’ve only just become aware of this in the last two days. 
      We sell ‘The Chase Base’ and have been doing so on and off for the last couple of years on eBay.  It is only recently that we have got around to creating a website.
      We currently supply 4 sizes of ‘The Chase Base’ and also welcome Custom sized orders. 
      We have a ‘The Chase Base’ that is slightly smaller than the ‘Chase Base’ sold by Lyme Bay Press and measures 177.8mm x 254.0mm for £150 this price includes free shipping and no VAT, we also sell a slightly larger ‘The Chase Base’ than the ‘Chase Base’ measuring 203.2mm x 304.8mm for £185, again no VAT and includes shipping.  From what I can make out the ‘Chase Base’ from Lyme Bay Press is 280mm x 210mm for £139 + VAT (£29.74) + Shipping (£9.70) = £178.44.
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      Saw this post - two months ago Lyme Bay Press started promoting a similar system for the UK, a base 280mm x 210 for £139.00 they'll cut bases down too like Boxcar. They also have the KF152 polymer plates for sale. It's also called the "Chase Base".
      --- In PPLetterpress@yahoogroups.com, "Gerald Lange" <Bieler@...> wrote:
      > Newly introduced is The Chase Base, a UK version of the popular flatbases produced by Boxcar and Elum.
      > Available in a version that accompanies a 1.52mm (.060") polyester plate (deep relief) in four sizes following the specific press chase concept developed by Bunting Magnetics. Bases are sized to fit chases for the Adana 8x5, Arab Foolscap Folio, Arab Crown Foloio, and Heidelberg Windmill.
      > For further information go to:
      > http://www.thechasebase.co.uk/
      > Gerald

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