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13105Help with a Vandercook 325 gripper problem.

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  • eileen@evanstonprint.net
    Jun 27, 2012


      I am having some trouble with the grippers on our Vandercook 325.  The gripper trip lever works when I press it, but the pedal does nothing to raise the grippers. 

      I replaced the spring, twice, since the springs I could find were not exact matches, but I’m afraid it wasn’t enough. When the carriage is out, there is enough tension in the pedal to move the push rod, and the gripper trip rod, but only when the carriage is out. When it’s back, and I push on the pedal it’s just “flat” and unresponsive.

      When the carriage is out, I can see the push rod moving the gripper trip rod, but again, when the carriage is back in place – nothing.

      The LRS-2 spring under the LS-79 bar might need replacing, but mine does not look like the schematic I have. There’s a bolt that holds it in place that is about .25″ above the rail, and I don’t know how the heck I’m going to get it out. . . . . In fact, that area has no bolts or screws to give me access to the push rods, and unless I’m missing something, they are completely inaccessible.

      The gripper trip rod, does seem a little more loose than I think it probably should be, but it does nothing when the carriage is all the way back. I’m not sure I understand how that spring holds the carriage in the rest position, or if the problem isn’t somewhere in the rods. I really hope not, because I see no way to get at any of that!