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13059Re: Accuset setup

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  • Red Oak Press
    Apr 16, 2012
      I;m running an Accuset 1000 plus with an Agfa Viper 3 RIP on a Mac G4.

      If your configuration matches this, I can help you get it setup properly.

      It's more than a little confusing, meaning maddening, if you don't have some sort of reference to work off of.

      The Accuset has its own mind about what it wants to do, which is normally squelched by the RIP so you must have the .ppd file
      generated by the rip on all computers from which you are going to print.

      In addition, the RIP must have the proper settings in its own driver, which you setup using the RIP software program and save as default.

      I screwed my setup up once and it cost me $400 to get it back to normal. This is antique technology and the knowledge pool is shrinking rapidly.

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