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13051Accuset setup

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  • tinglado_letterpress
    Apr 12, 2012
      Dear list members,

      I would like to film several jobs (my first try) with an old Accuset (a lovely present from a friend), and I don't know exactly how to setup the job.

      I want to process photopolymer for letterpress, so I would like to get WRED (wrong reading emulsion down) negatives (am I right), but:

      What is the best way to obtain them?

      I design art with my favorite app (Ilustrator, Gimp, InkScape, ...). Obtain a 2.0 PS file. This file is right reading positive.

      But, what is better?

      1) Configure accuset for printing Wrong Reading and Negative or

      2) Send job from print setup dialog with Wrong reading / negative options selected.

      Thank you in advance an regards,

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