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  • victoria kniering
    Mar 3 7:36 AM
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      Yes, use it all the time, rives bfk 230.  I make books, I actually use it to print woodcuts, monotypes and letterpress. 
      you can adjust the gripper height,  and you can change the packing, or... you can use a few sheets of newsprint loose behind the paper as removable packing to get your paper to print.... or.... you can put a piece (or two or three) of sheet aluminum litho plate under a wood block that's not quite type high, if you don't want to mess with the packing...  do you know if your vandy is a galley press or not.  if so you need to have the bed at type high first and if the press doesn't have the steel plate that takes up the height of the galley you can order one... the vandy is a proof press, some of the book houses used to proof each galley of type before they put it all together i.e. the galley press bed height is set for the addition of type AND galley...so when printing type alone you need the steel plate to bring the whole pkg. to type high. na graphics sells the steel plate for that.  if you don't know if it's a galley press or not you can tell you from the serial number, at least n. a. graphics can look it up for you.
      what you don't want to do is add to much packing or plates to make it way to hard to roll the roller, if it feels like it's binding stop and remove packing don't jeopardize the settings ...it's not a platen press and PRESSURE is very very light.
      if you really want  something more the a "kiss" impression, use the platen press..
      victoria jutras kniering
      On Feb 28, 2012, at 9:57 AM, griinga wrote:


      I'm wondering if any printers out there have successfully used 230# paper on their Vandercook and how, seeing as you can't use the grippers and cylinder. I've been strictly a platen press printer and now need to get going on my Vandy 15.
      Thanks for any input.

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