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12935Re: [PPLetterpress] dots moving

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  • Ian Bristow
    Dec 30, 2011
      Thanks everyone for the advice. I'm pretty sure your right about the room temp Gerald as I was processing while my shop was heating back up.
      These harsh Canadian winters do not help!!! I also had the plates leaning up against a cold wall. I will make sure I bring the heat up in the shop first
      and try again. I have also used the 95 plate material with o.k. results, I find it is often hit and miss with my platemaker. She does the trick most of the time
      but by no means the cadillac of platemakers (jerry rigged polimero unit). I think the problem is the fluctuating shop temperature and the light source.
      Santa never brought me a new platemaker!!!

      Thanks again

      Happy New Year!!!

      We Do Printing

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