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12930Re: [PPLetterpress] dots moving

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  • Gerald Lange
    Dec 28, 2011

      Yes, this could be a problem with temperature, but not necessarily your
      water temperature. I've been fielding a number of similar problems,
      including my own. In the winter months you do need to get the area you
      are working with up to room temperature and the raw material as well.
      That said, I would suspect you also need to increase your exposure and
      slightly decrease your washout time. I am assuming here you are using a
      standard platemaking machine. If so, you should also get the machine
      heated up and run an empty exposure before you start.

      If you are using quality silver-based film negatives there should not be
      a problem. If not, all bets are off.

      I've been running with some weakening components, aging bulbs, an
      erratic electrical problem, making slight adjustments and hoping to take
      care of these during the holiday off time. I had replacement bulbs and
      extra ballasts on hand so I did not see a problem, except of course for
      having to go through all that. Then, yesterday, a large job came in and
      on the very last plate came the perfect storm, my brush went to sponge.
      Wasn't expecting that. Another $700 write off going into the new year.
      On the bright side, my supplier had one in stock.

      Amazing how long you can coast along and then, wham.


      On 12/28/11 8:44 AM, Ian wrote:
      > I recently processed some plates and the dots shifted over on the plate, has anyone had this problem before? I am using 94 FL plates plastic back. I'm thinking it must be a washout thing temp, time etc, but just wanted to check, because I'm concerned it maybe a film issue with the density.
      > Cheers& happy holidays.
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