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12787Re: VHB Tape

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  • Gerald Lange
    Sep 1 9:39 PM
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      Sounds like a mess, but you have documented it fairly thoroughly. We like that!!!

      Have to smile at your last comment. Once, after a talk I gave, a fellow who thought he knew more than he knew actually said, if you are a "fine printer" how come your hands aren't soiled from ink. Only real reply to that is, a printer never lets his/her hands get dirty.


      --- In PPLetterpress@yahoogroups.com, "wendtjaaron" <awendt@...> wrote:
      > Here's the answer: Remove the plate from the orbiting mechanism. Use one of the new "multi-tools" that has an oscillating blade with a fine metal cutting blade that is offset, as not to gouge the surface. Remove as much of the tape as possible. Then cover the plate with a layer of paper towels, and soak with MEK (methyl ethyl keytone) for a few minutes. (IN A WELL-VENTILATED AREA) An ink knife, putty knife or razor scraper will remove what's left fairly easily. Finish with very fine sand paper and a 3M Sotch-brite scouring pad. Piece of cake. Took less than an hour.
      > @Gerald: I've got a bottle of the sealer. Can't wait to start using the "PVC" green pad installed properly. I've been using shipping tape to stick the plates to the orbiter. Not bad on Anderson-Vreelands EF95, but Boxcar's doesn't leave as visible of an image before washout.
      > Thanks, all. I'm a third-generation printer starting professionally in 1973, but away from the press actively for many years. Still have our 10x C&P Craftsman with a Rice feeder, which we bought brand new in 1949. Washing hands more than a busy surgeon lately.
      > Aaron
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