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12677Re: [PPLetterpress] Moving Vandercook Universal I

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  • Halton
    Jul 3, 2011
      You don't mention whether your Un-1 is a power drive or hand crank. I've moved Un-1 power drive presses successfully by myself using a pallet jack and a come-along. First, lifting in the center of the press
      from either side can bend back panel . . . it's far better to elevate the ends and place blocks under them.
      Pallet jack goes under at feedboard end so blocking there should be in center to allow the pallet jack 
      to straddle the block(s). I then fastened press to pallet jack by hooking the come-along cable from pallet jack frame and extending cable up, under feed table and back down opposite side and hook to pallet jack.
      Tighten cable, and tie cylinder to feedboard end to concentrate weight on pallet jack. When you jack it up
      remove blocks and move it "low & slow". It's important that the cable is positioned so that it angles back to jack . . . you're creating a cantilever lift, so cable hooks in on frame supporting the handle assembly.

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      Subject: [PPLetterpress] Moving Vandercook Universal I

      We're moving out of our townhouse into a single family home with garage. Our Vandercook is currently on the first floor of our house but we need to move it to the new house which is 20 miles away. The press is 27.5" wide by 77" long. I'll need someone to make a pallet and attach under the press to get a pallet jack under it to move. Does anyone know of movers in the Washington DC area who can do this?


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