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12676Re: Moving Vandercook Universal I

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  • Carl Youngmann
    Jun 27, 2011
      We successfully moved our Vandercook Model 3, which is about the same size as a Universal I, with scissor jacks and piano dollies. We had to move through a very tight passage that did not permit use of a pallet jack. I got two of the four wheel piano or furniture dollies at Home Depot and added a 3/4" plywood insert to make them almost flush so that the press feet could sit squarely in the middle of the dolly. I used two scissor jacks I got at Wal-Mart—the jacks must fit under edge of the press near the feet (check this dimension on your press, ours was about 4.65"). Total equipment investment about $75.

      I raised one end about half way, set the feet on some blocks, then raised the other end high enough to center the dolly under the feet. I went back to the first end and lifted it enough to put the dolly under it. And, away we went, over door jambs, down a wheel chair ramp, across a sidewalk, up a ramp into a trailer, all very slowly, usually a few inches or a couple of feet at a time—slow and easy wins the race.

      I did this all with the help of three other "Press Angels" to whom I am greatly indebted.

      Good Luck,

      Carl Youngmann
      The North Press
      1530 Holcomb Street • Port Townsend, Washington 98368

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