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1266Re: Making negatives

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  • Gerald Lange
    Mar 8, 2003

      Thanks for posting this. Harry had sent me something previously, but
      mentioned you would be finishing up a more precise description. Bit
      surprised about A&V's contribution. Does this work well for text? or
      are you mainly concentrating on images?

      Is the Laser Buddy a crucial step? or would a secondary chemical bath
      help improve the opacity? I remember that Xante recommended a second
      bath to improve the opacity with their bath unit.


      > This is Joel Sherman, the print lab tech at UCSB, working with Harry
      > Reese. Some of you may be interested in the process we've been using
      > here for making our own negatives. Go to:
      > http://www.arts.ucsb.edu/staff/sherman/printlab/pages/main.html
      > then click on:
      > How to make negatives for photopolymer plates
      > I've been refining this process from a data sheet I got from
      > Anderson&Vreeland.
      > Daylight contact film is about $1.50 per 10x12 sheet and comes in
      > packs of 100. Transparency overlay is about $.40 per sheet. AB lith
      > developer is about $20.00 for a one gallon set from freestylephoto and
      > will develop many sheets.
      > Joel
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