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12642Re: Shelf Life for Photopolymer plates

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    Jun 16, 2011
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      I've had good success with plates to about 18 months or a bit more from purchase. I'm not certain what the rated shelf life is, but if they are stored in cool dry place, they will do fine. It is always good to order your plates from a source which has a lot of turnover in their inventory so you are getting the freshest plate material you can. The plates go bad whether on your shelf or on the vendor's shelf.

      In my experience, when they start to go bad, they will start to "dark expose", which means that the photopolymer will start to harden without exposure, making washout more difficult, and you will start to have problems caused by too long a washout.

      I have been caught holding too many plates in the past, so I tend now to purchase a three month's supply, and forego the discount available with higher quantities as I don't want to get caught again with unusable plate material.

      John Henry

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      > Is there a shelf life for photopolymer plates, and if so, how long is it? Can you also tell me how it degrades; i.e., what are the symptoms? Stan
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