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  • Harold Kyle
    Mar 4, 2003
      On 3/2/03 5:10 PM, "cmcgarr1957 <casey@...>"
      <casey@...> wrote:
      > Do you recommend magnetic bases?

      Our non-magnetic bases have sold well among letterpress printers because
      they offer easy, reliable registration. My experience with magnetic bases is
      that--especially on cylinder presses such as your Challenge--multiple colors
      and tight registration is difficult because plates tend to move our of
      register. Printers often spray-mount plates to their magnetic bases to hold
      them in place. Our system is detailed at:

      As the sole distributor for Boxcar Bases, I tend to jump into the breach
      frequently. We guarantee satisfaction with our bases (or your money back),
      and our customers often share their positive experience after using our

      We have general FAQs about photopolymer plates and our system at:


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