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  • Gerald Lange
    Mar 2, 2003
      Hi Casey

      Since you've found the database (as you noted in your subsequent post)
      you have pretty much found your way. So you've probably found the
      processors as well.

      I believe there are a couple of used platemaker equipment dealers
      (including A&V) in the Links section under Supplies, and then probably,
      Platemaking Equipment or something. (I'm mentioning this here for
      everyone). Used machines are running $600 to $3000. Only real expensive
      component to replace, if need be, would be the brush unit, I suspect.

      I do recommend magnetic bases; the kind that are traditionally used by
      the printing industry. There are also alternative bases (in terms of
      cost), both magnetic and non-magnetic. These are listed in the Database
      as well. You can also make your own, but I wouldn't recommend it. Sort
      of defeats the purpose of photopolymer to use a non-precision base. It's
      a bit sensitive and will readily reveal inaccuracies.

      I started experimenting with photopolymer in 1990 (with digital type).
      Started using it for bookwork in 1992. Bought a platemaking machine (as
      the result of contracting for a large project) in 1995. Haven't used
      metal type for bookwork since 1998. Mainly an economic consideration for
      the business.

      Despite what some folks might assume, I do not recommend abandoning
      metal. There are still some excellent sources for it. Michael Bixler for
      Monotype, Theo Rehak for foundry, etc. There are also links to
      traditional letterpress sources on site.

      Best in your endeavor


      cmcgarr1957 wrote:

      >Thanks for the great information, you've been very helpful. I think I may just
      >start out with having someone output the plates for me and if there is a need
      >to purchase then I may think about it. Your right it is a huge expense, I called
      >Anderson Vreeland and spoke with a sales person for 20 minutes or so and
      >he gave me the scoop.
      >Does used equipment ever become available and how much price difference
      >is there usually? Where can I see the database of people that output and
      >manufactures? Do you recommend magnetic bases?
      >How long have you been doing this? I see your name on the Letpress forum
      >as well.
      >Thanks Gerald!!!
      >Casey McGarr
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