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  • cmcgarr1957 <casey@mcgarrcreative.com>
    Mar 2, 2003

      Thanks for the great information, you've been very helpful. I think I may just
      start out with having someone output the plates for me and if there is a need
      to purchase then I may think about it. Your right it is a huge expense, I called
      Anderson Vreeland and spoke with a sales person for 20 minutes or so and
      he gave me the scoop.

      Does used equipment ever become available and how much price difference
      is there usually? Where can I see the database of people that output and
      manufactures? Do you recommend magnetic bases?

      How long have you been doing this? I see your name on the Letpress forum
      as well.

      Thanks Gerald!!!

      Casey McGarr

      --- In PPLetterpress@yahoogroups.com, "Gerald Lange <bieler@w...>" <
      bieler@w...> wrote:
      > Casey
      > Do you intend to make your own plates or have someone make them for
      > you? If you are not going to be doing an awful lot of work, I'd say,
      > making plates every other day or so, I can't imagine that you want to
      > buy a platemaking machine as they are quite expensive. Even if you
      > went into platemaking semi-commercially and provided plates for other
      > folks it would take you several years to generate enough profit to
      > cover the initial cost of the machine. And you'd have to layout chunks
      > of cash on a fairly regular basis just to maintain a stock of raw
      > material. Not exactly a high-profit margin in this.
      > The cost of buying plates from plate processors ranges from about 45
      > to 65 cents a square inch (from what I've seen). Plus there is usually
      > a set up charge and a cutting charge.
      > In the Database here, I have a list of just about every platemaking
      > machine manufacturer and/or distributor that I can find (or
      > recommend). You can check these out and compare costs. I also have a
      > list of most of the known plate processors who tend to cator to
      > studio-letterpress folks.
      > Besides the platemaking machines and plate processors, of course,
      > there is alternative processing. There are a number of folks on this
      > list who are quite proficient at it. You might want to check the
      > Messages archives here as this has been discussed at length in the
      > near past.
      > I hope I've interpreted your question correctly. Good luck.
      > Gerald
      > > What kind of cost estimate could someone give me to start printing
      > out my
      > > own photopolymer plates for letterpress? What output size of plates
      > do these
      > > machines have? I want the flexibility to design on the MAC and make
      > plates
      > > and print using my letterpress. I've heard it expensive and it may
      > now even
      > > be within my budget.
      > >
      > > ::
      > > Casey McGarr
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