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12606Re: [PPLetterpress] Nasty brushes

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  • Gerald Lange
    May 24, 2011

      There is a short article here on brush maintenance:


      Use a heavy duty dog hair brush or plate brush cleaner to comb the tufts straight. If the brush has been neglected likely tufts are adhered to the floor with photopolymer waste. You will have to dig through this and afterward, vacuum up all the debris.

      When the machine is drained out at the end of the day, run the flat of your hand over the brushes to straighten them out. This will prevent the matting prblem.

      Brushes are expensive to replace, but it they are taken care, they can last for quite some long time.


      On 5/24/11 6:45 AM, Aaron Wendt wrote: What is the best way to clean wash-out brushes that have been neglected? There are matted areas in the brushes. Anderson/Vreeland can't really recommend any solvent or solution to loosen up the old polymers.



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