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  • Austin Jones
    Mar 31, 2011
      O yes, there was a time . . .
      One of the advantages of the digital age is being able to leave the camera, scanner, and printer unused for weeks at a time and they are all ready and willing to work at a touch of the button. I recall several years ago, I worked for IBM supporting the IBM Composer. I had a customer who used the Composer to type names etc. to be used to print greeting cards. The names were coming out very uneven and unclear. Every couple weeks they would take the list, use a process camera to make a lith negative. The equipment were unused except for this application. The operator was the maint man in the facility. I arranged to be there the next time the application was run. He was using AB concentrate - I cannot remember the exact solution mix - He ran the hottest water from the spigot, added the concentrate, shot the neg. put the neg in the extremely hot developer, when the image appeared he pulled the neg and put into stop. When I suggested he needed to reduce the exposure, have the developer at 68 degrees and time the development, he had never such a thing. 
      It took most of the morning but we got a good neg and that batch of greeting cards were properly exposed.
      My point - the equipment and material were capable of doing a good job. The fact that it was needed very infrequently lead to a attitude of relying on equipment rather than the skill of the operator.

      Austin Jones
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      From: Ed Inman
      Sent: Thursday, March 31, 2011 2:02 PM
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      The culture has become so accustomed to digital imaging we sometimes forget that letterpress and photography were thriving industries long before desktop computers ever came around, and that these older technologies still work as well as they ever have.


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      From: Austin Jones
      Making a good negative the first time is a learned skill. And you gotta do it all the time to stay good. 

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