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12434Re: [PPLetterpress] What kind of tape holds the visquine down on a platemaker

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  • Gerald Lange
    Mar 14, 2011
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      Hi Scott

      You are far better off not using tape at all. Just cut a sheet of
      kreene to the size of the vacuum table but about a half inch shorter
      both length and width, you will be a much happier camper. Flip back the
      kreene, place the plate and neg, and flip back the kreene. No more messy
      tape, no more vacuum problems caused by it.

      I've been doing this for many years and every platemaker I have
      suggested this to swears by it as well. I additionally add 6-pt brass
      rule at the edges of the vacuum table, cut to its width and length on
      all four sides after placement of the kreene and with the vacuum turned
      on. This ensures the kreene won't buckle and leak during exposure.


      On 3/14/11 8:17 PM, Scott Rubel wrote:
      > The sticky border that holds the vacuum sheet down in my plate maker
      > is losing its sticky.
      > Anybody know what sort of tape this is? It's not common double-sided
      > stuff. That would have come apart or worn out years ago.
      > --Scott
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