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12432Re: [PPLetterpress] Re: off the (plumbing) grid platemakers?

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  • Fred Smith
    Mar 14, 2011
      Can a septic system even accept ppl waste water? Septic systems require certain bacteria to processs the waste put in. If the material is toxic, it will kill the bacteria and you will have to have the system pumped clean. Tell them its becuase of ppl waste and they may need to charge you a 'toxic' clean up fee. Even if the waste dosn't kill the bacteria, if it cant' be broken down, it will still clog the system with the same results. I would suggest contatcting the nearest septic cleaning company for advice. They'd either know or know who to contact.
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      I've wondered the same thing. Our new building is on septic rather than city sewer like we were for the first 13 years I ran our platemaker. I did a check to see what is actually suspended in the water and let a 5 gallon bucket with washout waste evaporate over a couple of months and the nasty sticky stuff that remained convinced me that I don't want it in our septic system. Granted that it gets diluted in any system, but these results were not to my liking. We may put as much crud and dirt into a sewer system when washing a load of dirty clothes, but I have been hesitant about the polymer waste. It does go back into solution when warm water is put back into the bucket, but still---.

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