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  • mightyink
    Mar 8, 2011

      NEW PRICE on a Craftsmen Superior Press, cabinet, and assorted items. (Some photos in Photos page, CSP & GOODIES FOR SALE.)

      Below is a fairly thorough list of what's for sale, though I may have missed a couple of things. (The pictures are of the press when I originally bought it.):

      * Craftsman Superior Press (`65-`68 Model, Good/Very Good condition¬óno welds that I can see, with feeder board.)
      * Unique/Custom Tabletop Press Cabinet (41" w x 24" d x 31" h), with 6 small type drawers, galley slots, built-in furniture cabinet, 3 drawers, and assorted cubby holes for storing paint.
      * Unused/New Rubber Rollers (From NA Graphics)
      * Unused/New Trucks (NA Graphics)
      * Two chases
      * 5 galley trays
      * Assorted Furniture
      * 5 lbs of Leads
      * Unused/New Mallet & Planer (NA Graphics)
      * Box of Quoins
      * 2 Composing Sticks, long and short
      * Assorted type, new in wraps and used
      * Assorted type blocks (about five or six)
      * 2 Letterpress Books: General Printing & Letterpress Printing, A Manual for Modern Fine Press Printers

      NOW asking $2,900.00 for the whole lot!!!

      Buyer to arrange for pick up or shipping from Sanford, FL.

      This is a really great opportunity for someone to get an investment-quality home studio with income potential!

      Thanks a bunch and happy printing!